ROAM Group Over the Years

April 2018, at our DL / RL Lab Offsite in midtown Manhattan. From left to right, bottom row: Tianjian, Beatrice, Max, Cassie. Top row: Matei, Sangwoo, Nelson, Pedro, Emily, Clayton, Antong, Gagan, Wenda, Jinzhao.


December 2017. Left to right: Gagan, Cassie, Tianjian, Emily, Pedro, Beatrice, Brian, Antong, Sangwoo, Matei, Sydney and Clayton. Not in picture: Max.


December 2016. Left to right: Sangwoo, Max, Cassie, Tianjian, Beatrice, Tom, Emily, Joe, Ruijia, Pedro, Sydney, Matei, Antong.


September 2016. Left to right: Matei, Sangwoo, Joe, Max, Cassie, Pedro, Tianjian, Ruijia, Emily, Sydney.


December 2015. Left to right: Matei, Pedro, Cassie, Joe, Bowen, Yuchen, Sangwoo, Max, Tianjian, Tom.


October 2015. We have just moved into our brand new lab.

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