ROAM Lab - May 2019. Here is a photo timeline of the lab over the years

Current Group

  • Matei Ciocarlie (faculty)
  • Long Wang (Postdoctoral Researcher)
  • Bing Song (Postdoctoral Researcher)
  • Sangwoo Park (PhD student)
  • Pedro Piacenza (PhD student)
  • Cassie Meeker (PhD student)
  • Maximilan Haas-Heger (PhD student)
  • Tianjian Chen (PhD student)
  • Emily Hannigan (PhD student)
  • Gagan Khandate (PhD student)
  • Ava Chen (PhD student)
  • Zhanpeng He (PhD student)
  • Ji Yin (MS student)
  • Jerry Zhang (MS student)
  • Andrei Shylo (MS student)
  • Guoqing Zhang (MS student)
  • Deepak Ravishankar (MS student)
  • Benedikt Dietmar (MS student)
  • Yang Liu (MS student)
  • Mitchell Miya (undergraduate student)
  • Kat Chen (undergraduate student)


  • Kang Yang (undergraduate student)
  • Adrian Lasrado (MS student)
  • Benjamin Saeks (MS student)
  • John Monroe Pederson (undergraduate student)
  • Adrian Lasrado (MS student)
  • Kurian Mathew (MS student)
  • Beatrice Surui Liang (MS student)
  • Antong Liu (MS student)
  • Nelson Lin (MS student)
  • Jinzhao Chang (MS student)
  • Wenda Xu (MS student)
  • Brian Jin (MS student)
  • Sydney Sherman (undergraduate/MS student)
  • Tom Rasmussen (undergraduate student)
  • Joe Shepley (undergraduate student)
  • Carol Jung (undergraduate student)
  • Ruijia Yang (undergraduate student)
  • Weipeng Dang (MS student)
  • Yuchen Xiao (MS student)
  • Sze Wun Wong (MS student)
  • Mengyu Wu (MS student)
  • Benjamin Czerwin (MS student)
  • Ferdinand Paul Stockmann (MS student)
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