February 2019  This Clever Robotic Finger Feels With Light, featuring our work in collaboration with Columbia's CLUE lab on optical tactile sensing. For more details, see a TechBriefs Q&A on the same topic.
August 2018 Knowable Magazine: Humans beat robots, hands down (our hand prototype developed for the NASA Astrobee is shown grasping an apple and a marker).
March 2018 Ars TechnicaRobotic muscle and sensitive polymer fingers in Columbia University’s robotics labs (our work on tactile sensing described under "Focus on Feelings")
October 2017 Business Insider: Inside Columbia University's secretive robot labs (our rehab robotics work under "A Helping Hand")
October 2017 Columbia Technology VenturesNew Frontiers in Robotics: Bringing Imagination to Market. Scroll down for a video of Matei presenting an overview (as of Fall 2017) of a subset of our active projects.
March 2017 Columbia Engineering MagazineColumbia Engineering Launches Online Micromasters in Artificial Intelligence
February 2017 IEEE Spectrum RoboticsHow NASA's Astrobee Robot Is Bringing Useful Autonomy to the ISS (our work described in the "The Robot is Armed" section)
February 2016  Columbia SpectatorColumbia professors develop robotic glove to help stroke survivors recover
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