August 2018 Knowable Magazine: Humans beat robots, hands down (our hand prototype developed for the NASA Astrobee is shown grasping an apple and a marker).
March 2018 Ars Technica: Robotic muscle and sensitive polymer fingers in Columbia University’s robotics labs (our work on tactile sensing described under "Focus on Feelings")
October 2017 Business Insider: Inside Columbia University's secretive robot labs (our rehab robotics work under "A Helping Hand")
October 2017 Columbia Technology Ventures: New Frontiers in Robotics: Bringing Imagination to Market. Scroll down for a video of Matei presenting an overview (as of Fall 2017) of a subset of our active projects.
March 2017 Columbia Engineering Magazine: Columbia Engineering Launches Online Micromasters in Artificial Intelligence
February 2017 IEEE Spectrum Robotics: How NASA's Astrobee Robot Is Bringing Useful Autonomy to the ISS (our work described in the "The Robot is Armed" section)
February 2016  Columbia Spectator: Columbia professors develop robotic glove to help stroke survivors recover
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