Robotic Manipulation and Mobility Lab

Robotic Manipulation and Mobility Lab

We are a robotics lab looking to build intelligent machines that can interact with the physical world as skillfully as biological organisms. 

Our interest areas include:
  • Robotic learning of complex motor skills
  • Dexterous robotic manipulation and robot hands
  • Tactile sensing and proprioception
  • Simulation and modeling of frictional contact problems
  • Human-in-the-Loop manipulation and teleoperation
  • Assistive and rehabilitation robotics

Our work is motivated by many application domains, including:

  • Versatile automation in manufacturing and logistics
  • Robotic manipulation in orbit and in space
  • Assistive and rehabilitation robotics in healthcare
  • Mobile manipulation in unstructured environments

The Publications page links to all our papers and videos in chronological order (with links to manuscripts and videos), while the Projects page contains our work categorized by project. You can also look at our Youtube channel which comprises all our videos. 

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