Research Projects

Our work looks at mechanism design, sensor design, control methods and planning for robots aiming to perform complex tasks in the real world, spanning both hardware and software. We often try to develop these areas in concert, believing they are intimately interrelated. Combined, they can help us understand and develop sensorimotor control strategies for versatile behavior in the real world, our ultimate goal.

Manipulation is a very compelling testbed, as a difficult physical task implying very large variation in the encountered problems. It involves hardware (the hands), multi-modal sensing (tactile, proprioceptive, visual, etc.), but also high-level planning, learning and experience. In this context, we work on grasp and manipulation theory, tactile sensor development, and are starting to bring these aspects together in our new work on hand design. Combining human and robotic manipulation, we are looking to develop wearable hand orthoses for stroke patients.

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