Grasp and Manipulation Analysis

The theory of grasp and manipulation analysis has many established results that are foundational for the work done today. Still, our current analysis tools have not yet enabled tasks requiring high level of dexterity, such as object acquisition from dense clutter, dexterous manipulation of generic objects, etc. Are there key tools still missing from our analysis toolbox? We are looking for the computational tools that will enable applications such as general grasp analysis for dexterous hands, manipulation and grasp planning, hand analysis, etc.

Selected publications

  • M. Haas Heger. "Grasp Stability Analysis with Passive Reactions", Columbia University Doctoral Dissertation, 2021 [arXiv, video of defense seminar]
  • M. Haas Heger and M. Ciocarlie. " Accurate Energetic Constraints for Passive Grasp Stability Analysis", IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 36(4), 2020 [arXiv, link to IEEE Xplore]
  • M. Haas Heger, C. Papadimitriou, M. Yannakakis, G. Iyengar and M. Ciocarlie. “Passive Static Equilibrium with Frictional Contacts and Application to Grasp Stability Analysis”, Robotics: Science and Systems Conference, 2018 [arXivvideo of 5-minute RSS presentation]
  • M. Haas Heger, G. Iyengar and M. Ciocarlie. “Passive Reaction Analysis for Grasp Stability”, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 15(3), 2018 [arXiv]