Workshop Presentation, Matei Ciocarlie, Gagan Khandate and Emily Hannigan: "Towards Dexterous Manipulation with a Tactile Finger", ViTac Workshop, ICRA 2021
Seminar, Matei Ciocarlie: "New Sensors and Data-driven Methods for Robot Motor Skills", Columbia University Data Science Institute (March 2021)
Thesis Defense Seminar, Maximilian Haas-Heger: "Grasp Stability Analysis with Passive Reactions" (March 2021)
Thesis Defense Seminar, Cassie Meeker: "Intuitive Human-Machine Interfaces for Non-Anthropomorphic Robotic Hands"
MARS 2019 presentation and live demo: high-level discussion of two projects, our work on hand design for the Astrobee robot, and optics-based tactile fingers. (Matei Ciocarlie presenting, Tianjian Chen and Pedro Piacenza ensuring demo success)
CMU Robotics Institute Seminar, Matei Ciocarlie: "Versatility in Robotic Manipulation, the Long Road to Everywhere" (September 2015). This talk covers Matei's older research, spanning results from Willow Garage and doctoral work.